Introduction to Handguns Class Nov. 7, 2022

***(​Not a permit class)***


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Scheduled Classes

*Nov. 2022 Enhanced Handgun Permit Class Dates:

6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27

*Please arrive by 7:00 am to fill out paperwork. Park in the main part of the parking lot, bring your handgun in unloaded. Leave ALL ammo in your car. Please get a good nights sleep before coming to class. All weekend classes are contingent on having a minimum of 2 students in the class.

If you need to change your class date please let us know by calling 615-809-9692. We do not issue refunds you can reschedule your class to another date you are allowed one reshcedule.

Protect what you love

We have Official TN Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit Classes scheduled almost every weekend day and some weekdays. Please scroll down to the list of scheduled classes below to choose a date for your class.

     A confirmation e-mail from us is NOT automatically sent. We will send you confirmation e-mail ASAP.

     Your seat is not reserved until you pay for your class and submit your application number you get from the state.

*Schedule of upcoming Handgun Permit classes

PICK A DATE! Choose any weekday date, have 2 or more students, must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance, must be paid for at time of scheduling, date can't be changed.

(Weekend dates in red) (Weekday dates in Black)

All classes must be paid for in advance​ to reserve your seat.

Please fill our your Handgun Permit Application for the state before signing up. Click on "Enhanced Permit" in the application process. Put your application number on the registration form.


I am retiring. Nov. 27, 2022 will be the last class. ALL outstanding classes MUST be compleated by the Nov. 27, 2022 class date, no exceptions, no refunds don't ask. Anyone wanting to take a class do so before the Nov. 27, 2022 date. Thank You


Register and pay for your class on the "Registration" page on this website. 

Personal Defense
All handgun permit classes are NOT the same. Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy is your full time, professional handgun training academy. Your personsal defense is far too important to trust to the hobbyist and test teachers.

Official TN Enhanced Handgun Training/Permit Class:
We teach the official Handgun Carry Permit Class that is required by the State of Tennessee. This is an 8 hour class. Please arrive by 7:00 so you can get checked in and fill out your paperwork. Be available until 4:30pm. You must take and pass this class in order to obtain a Tennessee Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit. In the State of Tennessee with an enhanced handgun carry permit you may open or conceal carry it's your choice. If you aaccidentally expose or print your firearm, not a problem. You may carry your handgun in 38 other states, Tennessee state and most National parks. (You don't have to get a permit just because you take the class) Your range fee is paid for you on the day of the class. If you want to stay after class & shoot more you can. This class is great training for new and experienced shooters.

Concealed Only Handgun Carry Class (No longer offered)
This class is for a Concealed Only Handgun Permit. This is a three hour in house class taught by an certified instructor with no range requirement. Please arrive 15 min early so you can get checked in and fill our your paperwork. This class must be scheduled and paid for in advance of the class. RESTRICTIONS: You can not open carry, you can not accidentally expose your firearm, you can not print, so no one can tell you are armed. Only honored in 4 other states.


Advanced Training
Next Step Handgun
Training Class

Okay, so you have your Handgun Permit. You know you need more training. Now what? What is your Next Step? In this class we teach you a series of skill development drills designed to improve your situational awareness, target distinction, target acquisition and improve your performance. You will train both in the classroom and on the range. 
We teach you how to draw from a hip holster both open and conceal carry. One handed shooting. Weak handed shooting. Point shooting, close quarters shooting. double taps, triple taps.

Upon completion of this class you should have an understanding of where you need to improve and how to improve your handgun shooting ability. This is a one day class the cost is $160 per student.  This class must be paid for in advance.Max. 6 students per class.

Introduction to Handguns Class (not a permit class)

This class is designed to introduce you to guns and help you develop, improve and maintain your shooting skills and develop good shooting habits. This is a great class for beginner shooters. In the class we train on the safety rules, proper grip, hold, stance, sight alignment, sight picture how to load and unload a gun. With skill practice exercises on our indoor laser pistol range. The class also includes actual live fire range training. There are no test involved in the class. The class will be held from 9AM till 2PM on any weekday. The class must be scheduled at least one week in advance. A minimum of two students is required in order to hold a class. Class price is $55 per student and must be paid for in advance.

Refresher Class:  (Recommended at least every two years)

The Refresher Class is for anyone that already has a valid TN Handgun Permit and/or wants to "sit in" on a class. The Refresher Class is available for only $55 on any date that we already have a Handgun Permit Class scheduled. Please note "Refresher Class" on the registration form.


Please see the list of scheduled classes below. Select a class on a date that you can attend. Then click on the "Registration" tab at the top of the page, scroll down to the registration form and fill it out. You will receive a confirmation e-mail after we are able to transfer your information to the class roster. Provided you provide us with a valid e-mail address. The confirmation e-mail is NOT automatically sent by the system. If you have a problem with the system please call 615-809-9692 to register over the phone, Thanks.

Please arrive by 7:00 AM. Park in the main part of the parking lot to the right of our suite. Bring your unloaded handgun into the classroom in a bag, box or holster. Leave all ammo and your cell phone in your car. 
If you have a Gift Certificate you must bring it with you on the day of the class. Please dress according to the weather as the range is outside. Please bring a folding chair to use at the range as seating it limited.
Please make sure your are available ALL DAY with NO schedule conflicts. 

Seats are limited! If for any reason you can't attend a class you signed up for please let us know ASAP by calling (615) 809-9692.
You can pay by credit card with the Pay Pal link on the registration page, by phone or in person (call before you come by) in advance of your class. Otherwise please bring cash on the day of the class. No checks, No e-checks, No credit card on the day of the class.

fill out your application for the state before you sign up for a class

To fill our your application for the state go to the state's website below.
The state's system will immediately issue you an application number, it's all numbers no letters. Put your application number on your registration form on this website. We need your application number to report your scores to the state. After we report your scores your application number you will use that number to get your permit from the state.