Handgun Carry Permit Class ​Fee

The regular price for the Handgun Permit Class is $100.00 We have it on sale for a limited time for only $80.00 All classes must be paid for in advance of the class date to reserve your seat. You can pay on this website with a credit card (click on the "add to cart" button under the registration form) or by dropping your payment by the classroom (call before you come) or charge by phone 615-809-9692. No Checks, No e-checks. The price includes your Class Fee, Range Fee, Target, Ear and Eye Protection.
You will need a quality handgun. (We rent guns for $10 if you don't have one)
You will need 50 rounds of quality ammunition. (We have ammo we let people reimburse us for or you can bring your own) NO Hidden Charges!

Please arrive by 7:00 am and be available until at least 4:30pm.
Bring your quality unloaded handgun into the classroom in a bag, box or holster. Please clean and lubricate your handgun before coming to class. You can take your class with any handgun caliber .22 or better Revolvers are ok, No gate loaded revolvers please. Leave ALL ammo in your car. 
No cell phones, tablets or recording devices of any kind in the classroom or at the range.
Please dress according to the weather as the range is outside. 
If you have one please bring a folding chair to use at the range seating is limited.
Pregnant women must bring a note from their doctor stating that it is safe for her to take the class and shoot at the range.

If for any reason you can't attend a class on the date you signed up for please call 615-809-9692  to reschedule. Seats are limited!

Please completely fill in the following information, one form per student. Please enter the date of the class you want at the bottom. Please enter your correct e-mail address so that we can send you a confirmation. If you have a phone number that we can send a text message to, please enter it in the text message phone number spot.
*The confirmation is not automatically sent. We will manually send a confirmation asap. 

If you want to pay with a credit card you can scroll to the bottom of this page. Click on the "add to cart" link to pay through pay pal even if you don't have a pay pal account. No checks, no e-checks. We do not accept credit/debit cards the day of class.  ALL (required) fields must be filled in. CHECK AND RE-CHECK YOUR INFORMATION. MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT BEFORE CLICKING ON SUBMIT.

Thank You,

*Enter Contact Information Below

​Gift Certificates Available!

Fill out Registration form completly and accurately

You must apply online with the state for your permit

before filling out the registration form. If you have problems filling out your application call the state at 615-251-8590

$80 Handgun Permit Class.

(Regular price is $100 must be paid for in advance.) 

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We are located at:

Learn 2 Shoot
TM Handgun Training Academy 
803 North Thompson Ln Suite 103B, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

State Approved Range
Is In Woodbury TN

Personal Defense

All handgun permit classes are NOT the same. Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy is your full time, professional handgun training academy. Your personsal defense is far too important to trust to the hobbyist and test teachers.

Please dress according to the weather as the range is outside. If you have one please bring a baseball cap and a folding chair as seating is limited at the range. 
​Please arrive at by 7:00 am, park in main part of parking lot. Bring your unloaded quality handgun inside in a bag, box or holster. Leave ALL ammo in your car. The gun(s) must be in a bag, box or holster. If you have a Gift Certificate, you must bring it with you to redeem on the day of the class.
Your range fee is paid for you on the day of the class. If you want to stay longer and shoot more you can!

After you sign up for a class

After you sign up for a class go to the state's website and apply for your Handgun Carry Permit at: 
The state's system will issue you an application number, it's all numbers no letters. Be sure you bring your application number with you to class (write it down or print it off). We need your application number to report your scores to the state. 

Learn 2 Shoot
TM Handgun Training Academy
More Classes, Proper Instruction, No Hidden Charges !
Your Full Time, Professional Handgun Training Academy.

*You can pay with credit card thru Pay Pal (even if you don't have a Pay Pal acct.) by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button above before the day of the class or pay cash only day of class. No checks, No e-checks.
When paying by Pay Pal please put the student name and class date in the notes section.  
Note: If for any reason you have to cancel we do not issue a refund you may reschedule to another date.

*The confirmation of your class date is NOT automatically sent, I have to sit down at the computer and send them. You will receive your confirmation ASAP.
Thanks, Dennis

Protect what you love

Your seat is not reserved until you pay for your class and you receive a confirmation e-mail

2 for Special, Buy 2 Handgun Permit Classes for only $130.00 (Regular price for two is $200 Must be paid for in advance.)


You must fill out the registration form above and click on "Submit" BEFORE paying for your class. Pay for your class below

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