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Learn 2 Shoot
TM Handgun Training Academy
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Your Full Time, Professional Handgun Training Academy.
Classes are held at:

Learn 2 ShootTM Handgun Training Academy
803 North Thompson Ln Suite 103B
Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Bring your gun in unloaded,

leave ALL ammo in your car.

Your gun(s) must be in a bag, box or holster.

State Approved Covered Range is in Woodbury TN

Personal Defense

All handgun permit classes are NOT the same. Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy is your full time, professional handgun training academy. Your personsal defense is far too important to trust to the hobbyist and test teachers. Take a real handgun permit class from a real instructor. Come to Learn 2 Shoot.

Please dress according to the weather it is an outdoor covered range. If you have one please bring a folding chair to sit in as seating is limited at the range. Written directions to the classroom below. Written directions to the range will be available at the classroom.

Instructions Please Read

Age Requirements

You must be 21 or older to get a handgun permit in the State of Tennessee. You can take the class if you are 20 and it will count toward your permit. You will have to wait until you are 21 to finish the process and get your permit. You can take the class with a parent or guardian at age 16 without a parent or guardian at age 18. It will only count toward a permit if you are 20 or over. Active duty military can get a permit at 18.

Before the class

First choose a date for your class. At the top of this page click on "Scheduled Classes" scroll down to the list of upcoming classes. Choose a date from the list that you are able to attend class. Sign up for a class on this website by clicking on the "Registration" Tab at the top of the page. Scroll down to the registration form and fill it out. Or by calling 615-809-9692. After you sign up for a class go to the state's website and apply for your Handgun Carry Permit at:
The state's system will immediately issue you an application number (All digits no letters). Make sure you bring your application number with you to class (write it down or print it off). We need your application number to report your scores to the state. If you put your e-mail address on your application for you permit. The state's system should e-mail your application number. You use that number to get your permit from the state (Don't loose that number). Bring your application number and come to class. Please be on time. Park in the main part of the parking lot. Bring your unloaded handgun in leave ALL ammo in your car.

Scroll back to the top of the page and click on "Training Tips" Read through the information on the page.

During the class

All Handgun Permit Classes start at 7:30 am and end at 4:30pm. Please be about 15 to 20 min early so you can fill out your paper work. Bring your unloaded handgun in a bag, box or holster. Leave ALL ammo in your vehicle. In the class we go over parts of a gun and how it functions. How to clean a gun. The laws pertaining to carrying a gun and how to shoot a gun. At the end of the classroom portion of your class you will take a 50 question test. True / False and multiple choice questions. You must score a 70 or better on the test in order to pass. We will break for lunch on the way to the range where you will take your range test. You must score a 70 or better in order to pass your range test. 

Your range fee is paid for you on the day of the class. If you want to stay after class and shoot more you can.

After you pass the class

You will have up to one year from the date you pass your class to go to any full service drivers testing station anywhere in the state. Finish your application, pay the state fee. The state fee is $100 for a standard permit good for 8 years and renews for $50, or $300 for a lifetime permit.

You must take with you: Proof of citizenship such as a certified copy of your Birth Certificate, a US Passport or a Green Card and your Tennessee Drivers License or a State Issued ID. If you have an out of state drivers license you can take the class but will have to change to at Tennessee Drivers License when you finish your Handgun Permit Application and pay your state fee. Once you pay the state fee they will give you a handout telling you how to get your fingerprints made. Even if you just had your fingerprints done yesterday, you get to do it again. Your fingerprint fee is included in the state fee. After you get your fingerprints made it's all merged together sent to the FBI, TBI and the County Sheriff. If everything comes back good you will receive your permit in the mail within 90 days. Most of my students have been getting them back in between 10 days to 3 weeks.

Written Directions to the Classroom

Directions from Nashville.
Take I-24 East to Murfreesboro, TN just after you pass under 840, you get off at the Medical Center Parkway exit and turn left. Stay on Medical Center Parkway until you turn left onto N. Thompson Ln

Directions from Chattanooga
Take I-24 West toward Nashville until you get to Murfreesboro. Exit the interstate at the Medical Center Parkway exit and turn right onto Medical Center Parkway. Stay on Medical Center Parkway until you turn 

left onto North Thompson Ln

Directions from Franklin
Take Hwy 96 East toward Murfreesboro get on 840 East at Triune. Stay on 840 until you exit onto I-24 East and and get off at the first exit, Medical Center Parkway and turn left. Stay on Medical Center Parkway until you turn left onto North Thompson Ln

Directions from Lebanon / Knoxville
Take I-40 West toward Nashville to 840 West toward Murfreesboro. Take 840 West to I-24 East toward Chattanooga get off at the first exit, Medical Center Parkway and turn left. Stay on Medical Center Parkway until you turn left onto North Thompson Ln