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George M. DeKornfeld reviewed Learn 2 Shoot - 5 star
I am a certified NRA rifle instructor and have went through many different classes, including range safety officer. I never took a handgun course before. I have listened to many different instructors at gun ranges and in the classroom and Dennis was by far one of the best, if not the best. He is very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and he prepares his students for real life situations. I would fully recommend him for Handgun Carry Permit classes and any other classes he teaches.

William Mills reviewed Learn 2 Shoot - 5 star
Ive had my CCW permit from another state for over 8 years. Moved to TN and I learned new information not only from what laws are different but how the whole processes works. I feel very confident that I am prepared to carry in the state of Tennessee thanks to the wonderful instructions.

Karen Hale Clark reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star
I never realized everything you need to know about firearms past shooting the target until I took Dennis’ class! Dennis made an 8 hour day fly by with useful information that was presented in a captivating manner. I’m so glad that we chose Learn2Shoot for the classroom portion of the carry permit process. We even had a friend attend with us who already has a carry permit just as a refresher. I will definitely be keeping my skills fresh with Dennis in the future, as well.

Tonya Suggars reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star
The instructor was very thorough, he explained everything clearly, giving extra information that will be needed for future reference. He was very helpful and hands on when it came to detailing how to handle your firearm. Will be going back for the next step class.

Wendy Stephens reviewed Learn 2 Shoot 5 Star
I had never held nor shot a hand gun before this weekend. Instructor Dennis Mankin was not only informative but made the class interesting. He truly cares for the students success and learning the right way! Definitely recommend this class. Shooting range was located at OK Corral in Woodbury, TN. Beautiful location!

Denise Spradling Mann reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I went in to the class having never shot a gun before and knowing nothing about guns and gun safety. Dennis was an excellent teacher who took his time to ensure we got all the information needed to stay safe and be prepared. I passed the written test with a 98 score. 
Dennis took his time with me at the shooting range and recommended the best gun for me to start with. I scored 100% at the shooting range test! While I was nervous shooting for the first time, I felt completely safe.

Melody Stigall Nelson reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
Dennis is awesome, patient, and knowledgeable. He's everything you would want in an instructor, and I would recommend this class to anyone ranging from novice to experienced.

Billy Butler reviewed Learn 2 Shoot - 5 star review
As a new resident to Tennessee, I was sort of dreading the need to attend a carry permit training class. After all I have been shooting for over 20 years and held a carry permit in Georgia for almost 15 years... Well let me tell you... Dennis taught me some new tricks and make it a pleasure to learn about the laws of carry in Tennessee. Great insight and wit made my day a great memory!

Darryl Jones reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I was very impressed with the class that I took today. Folks, do this the right way and come to see Mr. Dennis Mankin for your instruction. If you are not sure if you know the laws and/or rules come take this class. I consider myself knowledgeable of rules and I learned plenty today. Thank you Sir.

Tasha Bates Welch reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I was a bit intimidated at first to take this class but it was such a great experience and Dennis make you feel comfortable and at ease! Dennis is very informative and funny, on top of it! He teaches you how to handle and shoot a handgun as well as the laws, some of which I had no idea when having a permit! I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that needs their gun carry permit! Great job, Dennis!

Michelle Tankersley-Smith reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
This guy is AMAZING!! If you want to learn the right way to handle or carry a SideArm for protection, this is the class for you! Very thorough, informative and explains all fundamentals of conceal carry!! LOVE, LOVE this INSTRUCTOR!!!!!!

Heather Baker reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
Had a great time today in my handgun permit class with Dennis. Extremely knowledgeable and really cares about his students walking away fully prepared to be responsible gun permit holders. We spent the morning in the classroom where Dennis' wit and humor kept things entertaining and definitely not dull!
I've grown up around guns and held permits in two other states, and I walked away with several new pieces of information and suggestions. I really appreciated that at the range, Dennis was coaching students 1-on-1 and not just calling out the shots.
I highly recommend Learn 2 Shoot to anyone looking to expand their firearm knowledge and experience, newbies and experienced shooters alike.

Katie Honey reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I took this class. I have never shot nor handled a gun prior to this day. The classroom instruction was great and informative with real life situational scenarios. Very helpful instructor. The range instruction was very helpful also on correcting my issues of shooting high and to the right and also loading the magazine. I would definitely recommend this course to family and friends!

J.R. Becker reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I took the Next Step Class as a way to improve my readiness in self-defense situations. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who has taken the Permit Class. Just as the title says, this is a great next step. The topics covered were relevant, and the skills learned were important. Not only were they covered in class, but they are skills that can be practiced at home, without even firing a single bullet down range. Dennis does a great job covering the topics and teaching the skills. He genuinely cares about how each student is doing and what they are learning. He has some great stories to tell, too! If you are looking for a place to take your Permit Class, look no further. Then, once you get that, sign up for the Next Step class, You won't regret it!

Lora Norris Loftis reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
Dennis was amazing! To be honest, I've been putting off taking the class because I expected it to be a long, boring, torturous day. That was not the case at all. Not only did I learn SO much, I truly enjoyed every bit of it. Dennis is very knowledgeable and taught us a lot, but he made it interesting and fun while he did it. I will definitely take his advanced class and will recommend him to every gun owner I know.

Marissa Lusz reviewed Learn 2 Shoot — 5 star review
I loved this class, wonderful instructor who made it fun and entertaining, but still stressed the seriousness of safe weapons handling and when is the proper time to use our weapon for our personal protection! I will definitely be recommending this class to my friends and be coming here again in the future for the advanced class!

Jeff Alexander Learn 2 Shoot - 5 star review
I would like to say I really enjoyed taking this class! Very professional job by Dennis Mankin and his group! I would highly recommend the Learn 2 Shoot training class to anyone! I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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Dennis E. Mankin

Tennessee State Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Pistol Instructor


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803 N. Thompson Ln Suite 103B

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

​​     Some people think all handgun permit classes are the same "they all cover the same material". Well that just simply isn't so. It's like saying a car and a motorcycle are the same because they are both methods of transportation. You don't take the class just to get a permit. You take the class to learn how to safely, legally and efficiently handle a firearm. There's a difference between going over the material and covering the material. There's a difference between teaching the test and teaching the class. At Learn 2 shoot we teach the class. If you have been told "all classes are the same" you have been lied to. Your personal defense and your families safety are far too important to trust to the hobbyist and the test teachers.

Here at Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy we take your training very serious. We strive to provide you with a nice, clean professional training environment. To us this is a full time profession not a hobby. Only trust your training to Learn 2 Shoot Handgun Training Academy. "Friends don't let Friends Settle for Less. " 

There is an online class that you can take and get an "out of state handgun carry permit" or a "Tennessee Handgun Permit" online. IT'S A 
SCAM. If you are a resident of the State of Tennessee you must take and pass the Oficial Tennessee Handgun Permit Class from a certified Instructor. Tennessee does NOT recognize online permits. Most other states will not honor the online permits either.

Please see the "Instructions" page.

More Classes, Proper Instruction, NO Hidden Charges!